What is this?

Posted Jul 23, 2015

For me - Writing is a valuable source of learning. Learning is essential for developing new skills, gain insights and evolve both as a person and in a profession. We should always strive to learn new things! I have created this blog as a tool for a deeper, more creative and exhaustive learning for myself.

The topics can be anything from small and silly to big and complex. Whenever I feel that I want to understand something better, I might end up writing a post on this blog during that study.

I believe that it’s important to share our insights for other people to get inspired and create their own opinions and reflections. The content on this blog will probably end up as a mix of information from external sources, my personal experiences and opinions. Sometimes I might write posts with the purpose of sharing.

Since I work with iOS-development as a profession, I will probably often write posts related to app development. However - Other posts will be totally unrelated to that… That is why I have categories! So if you are only interested in some of the content, you should be aware of that there are a separate RSS-feeds for each category.

I hope you will find this blog interesting and enlightening (even dough I’m writing it mainly for my own joy)!